Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Becoming a 21st Century Educator

To begin..

After discussing this topic with many teachers/student-teachers, I have learned that many school boards are now encouraging teachers to create an online presence via Twitter. When I was in high school, this concept was just starting to become popular. My music teacher created a Twitter account through which he would post about upcoming performances, fundraisers, or other out-of-the-classroom activities which music students would be participating in. My math teacher created a Twitter account through which he would primarily share homework questions with students as well as fun math facts and jokes. I had a personal Twitter account for years, but I decided to create a professional account through which I could engage with other educators around the world.

Follow me!

Immediately after I created my Twitter account I began following educators from this list of suggestions: 40 Educational Tweeters Every Teacher Should Follow. This list of educators includes classroom teachers, curriculum specialists, principals, and educational speakers - many of which are focusing on incorporating 21st century skills into the classroom. 

Before I knew it, I was being welcomed into the Twitter community once again. 
Many educators I followed began to follow me back..
I even had a few people personally welcome me to Twitter..

I have only just begun to explore Twitter from the perspective of an educator, but I have already come across many interesting articles and resources which I will be sharing in upcoming blog posts. I cannot wait to see who I will connect with next.

"A great teacher is someone who can learn from their students, who can learn with them, and learns for them." - Robert John Meehan

- Miss Jaskula