Monday, 27 February 2017

Movement in the Classroom

Today I read an interesting article about movement in the classroom, which can be found here.
"We understand language in a richer, fuller way if we can connect it to the actions we perform."

I found an interesting Ted Talk by Michael Kuczala which discusses how "learning does not happen from the neck up - it happens from the feet up"...

Michael Kuczala shared a framework about using movement in 6 different ways:
1. Preparing the brain to learn.
2. Provide brain breaks - get moving.
3. Supporting exercise and fitness.
4. Creating class cohesion or team building.
5. Reviewing content using movement.
6. Teaching content using movement. (Differentiates instruction for kinesthetic learners, takes advantage of episodic or environmental memory and makes learning implicit - the brain's preferred way to learn)

When you create a kinesthetic classroom you will get:
  • Motivated, engaged learners 
  • Higher academic acheivement
  • Students who, most of the time, are happy to do the work they need to do in the classroom