Thursday, 10 March 2016

Some cool stuff..

This blog post is going to focus on some neat articles/resources I have come across through my engagement with Twitter.

To begin, I came across an interesting article which was tweeted by Scott Newcomb (@SNewco)..
From Chromebooks and 3D printers, to LEGOs and dollar store items, this article (Top 20 Technologies and Tools) I must say, my favourite part about this article is that it is relevant to all schools, regardless of budget. Today, I find that most of the discussion surrounding technologies involves having the newest iPads and other gadgets within the classroom. This article, however, encourages educators to remember the old, yet simple and effective, tools which we can be using in the classroom. Just this past Monday I used LEGOs with the student I tutor. The LEGOs served as a wonderful visual aid for exploring fractions - and I truly believe my student was having much more fun than the the student who was playing an iPad game. It is important to remember that virtually anything can be used as a learning tool within the classroom, it is just a matter of how creative the teacher can be!

Here are some other great ways to use LEGO in math class:

I came across another great article which was tweeted by Erin Klein (@KleinErin)..
In this article (How to Get Started With Genius Hour for Elementary Classrooms), the concept of Genius Hour or "Passion Projects" is discussed. This is a concept which was discussed in one of my classes, and I think it is an absolutely wonderful idea which should be implemented in every single classroom - regardless of the age and abilities of the students. Providing students with time to be creative and explore their passions can do wonders for the learning environment. Students who have trouble focusing can use this time as a break to let loose and "get the sillies out", students who are not engaged can demonstrate their true potential to focus when working on something they are passionate about, and students who lack the motivation to even show up to school may be more inclined to show up when they know they will be engaging with something they are truly interested in. The possibilities for the positive outcomes from Passion Projects are endless, and I cannot wait to implement this once I have a classroom of my own. It is amazing what kids can do when they are passionate about their learning.. here is an example:

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world." - Harriet Tubman

- @MissJaskula 

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